FLC Track Nationals

FLC had a great week at Collegiate Track Nationals collecting are first national championship with Griffen Easter! Griffen went into the points race final after lapping the field 2 twice in the qualifier. All 8 qualifiers in his heat lapped the field.
Griff did just enough to make it count and win the points race. Barret won the last sprint that would have tied it and he would have won it as his final sprint. But griff got the one point he need to win by the smallest margin!

We made it a goal to win the points race. We worked hard over the past couple weeks to be prepared and it paid off!

Griffen earn this win by riding his heart out and doing everything right to get every point he did! He has a huge future in cycling and win this championship at 20! This was the most stacked nationals points race I have seen to date!

You will be hearing the name Griffen Easter in the Pro Field!



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Great FLC Track Future

This past weekend I took 15 FLC students to the 7/11 Velodrome in Colorado Springs. We had a load of new freshman that were itching to get their feet wet on the track. We had a long weekend filled with 90 degree weather. It was a toaster at the velodrome! All of the new students rode great and very respectable times that will contribute to the FLC track team being a long term factor at collegiate track nationals.


We always Love to do some T shirt shopping on are way to Colorado Springs!

It seems like just yesterday that we finished up Tour of Utah. What a great group of guys I was so lucky to race with all year!



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FLC Track Weekend

Had a great weekend working with Fort Lewis Cycling at 7/11 Velodrome!

We started the weekend off on a rough note when we woke up to a van with a broken window and 2 stolen Mountain Bikes. Please keep your eyes out in Colorado Springs for these students.

They stole a Specialized Stump Jumper Expert 29er XL.

It belongs to Lauren Catlin who is heading to Mountain Bike Worlds next week. So please keep an out eye on Craigslist and pawn shops in Colorado Springs. Also they took a Scott Scale 26 with a black front wheel and white rear. Also has one gold break lever.

Other than the hard start we had a great weekend getting ready for Collegiate Track National Championships Sept. 20-22 – Frisco, TX

I am looking forward to two more training weekends with all the great students and then off to Texas to make a run at the first collegiate national championships of the year for FLC!

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OOO TTT How You Burn!

Competitive Cyclist had TTT at Miller Motor Sports Park. We had 3 laps of the technical road race car track with a ton of wide open corners. The corners are wide open but the change in direction makes for a long day with 8 guys. All the guys rode really well and we did are job and kept Paco and Max in the hunt.

One Quick Picture From Barbara!


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Tour Of Utah Day 1

It was a hot one at Tour of Utah Day one. Got some great photos from our great supporter Barbara Dowd.

A little pre race rub to get it going. Thanks to all the staff for there hard work!

Dave Williams rode well again and made the break and helped take the pressure off the team and leave us to help Paco!

We got the week going with the team presentation at the Ogden Amphitheater. Thanks to Dave Towle for all the great support.


It was a long day in the saddle at 5+ hours in the heat. All went well with every one making it in safe. Mike had a wild ride down North Ogden pass getting a front flat going 80k an hour and kept it up right by putting both feet on the deck! Paco and Max made the front group to stay on the same time as all the big favorites. Looking forward to a fast TTT tomorrow at the Speedway.

Read up on how the race went down on Cycling News

I will be keeping up to to date all week so Please check back.

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Park City Wrap Up

Competitive Cyclist is wrapping up are time in Park City before heading down to the big city for Tour of Utah. I wanted to share a couple more adventures from are two weeks with are Great Host Dustin and Kandy Robertson.

We went out this morning and watched the 2013 USSA Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined Championship.

We have also been spending a ton of time in the mountains the last big day in the mountains we hit the high point of guardsman’s pass.

We have also been enjoying some great dinners cooked up by are great host followed by some entertainment from are always amusing teammate Thomas Rabou!!

We are all looking forward to getting Tour of Utah underway Tuesday, but we want to thank are great hosts again for helping us out so much in are prep!



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TTT With Rick Crawford

Check out another cool video with Rick Crawford coaching Competitive Cyclist for the TTT at Tour of Utah.

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Tour of Utah TTT Preview

Check out the TTT at Miller Motor Sports Park preview for Tour of Utah





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Competitive Cyclist Utah Prep

Competitive Cyclist has spent the past week in Park City, Utah getting ready for Tour of Utah August 7th-12th. We have kept are selves busy from Team Time Trail practice to going to a Salt Lake Bee’s.

I have also had some time to go for some sweet mountain bike rides in PC

We have also been working on our Team Time Trial


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Camp Volume One

Team Camp Video One
Check out the sweet video from camp! More to come!

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